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Anne Collier—Woman With a Camera

Cut (Color), 2009.

The photographer Walker Evans once remarked that all photographs are, in essence, found objects or ready-mades, transforming the everyday into art through decontextualization. New York-based artist Anne Collier has taken this dictum to a logical, art-historical conclusion with her deadpan pictures of print ephemera–from magazines and postcards to LP covers and movie stills. Unlike artists […]

artwork by Anne Collier Text by Drew Sawyer

Avery Singer’s Computer World

Happening, 2014.

New York artist Avery Singer paints everyday scenes of what she calls “figures and still lifes occupying the realm of unrealized buildings.” Composing her images in Google SketchUp, a 3D rendering software that the artist began using while an undergraduate student at Cooper Union, Singer transfers them onto canvas with a projector, an airbrush, and […]

Artworks by Avery Singer Text by Drew Sawyer



The provisional state of Utah was once known as Deseret, a pretty name from the Book of Mormon to describe a semi-autonomous territory that never came to be. Deseret is the Mormon word for honeybee, and was used by Joseph Smith as a metaphor for cooperative relations, particularly with regard to humans and the land they lived […]


Poetics in Plaster: Thomas Houseago’s “Mourn Room” at Hauser & Wirth


Hauser & Wirth’s new installation by Thomas Houseago, “Moun Room”, is immediately arresting, drawing us into a 40,000 square-foot, sky-lit hangar. Reminiscent of visual labyrinths like China’s Temple of the Moon, Moun Room’s skeletal appearance at once entices and repels, which makes the structure’s single doorway and that which lies inside all the more appealing.

Text by Justin Polera

Indochine’s Jean-Marc Houmard speaks with Athena Calderone about how to keep timelessness fresh

ATHENA wears dress by  StElla McCartney. Ring by Jennifer Fisher. Jean-Marc wears suit by Burberry London. Shirt by Bottega Veneta.

Restauranteur Jean-Marc Houmard has perfected the ingredients for an effortlessly cool restaurant, with New York’s Indochine and Acme both under his belt (among several others). It was at Indochine, the downtown restaurant of the past three decades (they just celebrated their 30th birthday last week), where he first met his muse: interior designer and […]

moderated by nick vogelson photography by mark abrahams Fashion editor Catherine Newell-Hanson